Pang Pang Capsule Kit

RM 156

5Texture: Liquid
Content: Pang Pang Capsule Paint 140ml x 6 colours + Pang Pang Capsule Maker 140ml x2 + Pang Pang Tray x1 + Free Sheet (Basic)
How to play: Put the Pang Pang Capsule Paint into the Pang Pang Capsule Tray, pour the Pang Pang Capsule Maker in and tilt the tray around for 45 seconds and you will have your bouncy capsule paint! The longer you leave the paint in the Pang Pang Capsule Maker, the bouncier the capsule paint gets. If you leave the capsules in the tray for a day, it becomes a paintball. Kids can use it for pretend play as well!  
How many capsules to make with one set? One capsule requires 8-10ml of the pang pang paint. Hence 1 bottle of the pang pang paint can make around 14 pcs of the capsules. Since there are 6 bottles of the pang pang paint in a set, 84 pcs of the capsules can be created with this set! :)
Attention: This product is not edible, adult supervision is required for the baby at teething stage.